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Top Calming Dog Beds

by ashley

In the human world today, we all care about self-care. From aromatherapy to massage therapy, we have an admittedly pleasing plethora of ways to help ourselves feel calmer and more comfortable. Even though your doggo can’t go to your yoga class (or maybe they can?), they could definitely do with their very own dose of canine chillaxing. 

A calming dog bed is a great place to start if your pup is prone to anxiety or if you just want to show your pup some love with a snuggly new sleep spot. Doggy Advice has all the info you need on the benefits of calming dog beds, what to look for when you’re in the market for a calming dog bed, and some top calming dog bed picks for you to peruse. 

What Is A Calming Dog Bed?

A calming dog bed is basically designed to give your pup a hug when they lie down in it. It’s not just a pretty pillow your pup can plop down on. Calming dog beds offer your dog a relaxing, cozy space to rest and retreat. Many calming dog beds can be thought of like an upgraded bean-bag chair for your canine. That is, they’re made so that your pup can sink into them for cuddly comfort while maintaining sturdy support at the same time. 

How Does A Calming Dog Bed Work? 

If your dog is breaking the rules and jumping on the furniture or into bed with you, it may be due to discomfort or distress on your doggo’s part. Some dogs may constantly get up where they don’t belong, while others may simply pace and whine while seeking a soft spot to snuggle up in. Either way, it’s a clear call for attention from your pup that something is up, and it’s likely that what they need is a place to feel safe and secure

If you’ve seen this need-to-nest behavior in your dog, it could be that they lack security. Your pup may feel stressed-out when you’re gone from home or have some general anxiety that keeps them feeling amped up. A calming dog bed could be just the ticket when it comes to soothing a stressed-out pup. 

Additionally, calming dog beds can work wonders for senior dogs. Older dogs may experience troubles with weakening muscles and bones and tender joints that lead to aches and pains. If your doggo is getting on in years, a calming dog bed could help soothe their soreness and offer your senior pet a safe place to snuggle when they need extra support. 

What To Consider When Shopping For A Calming Dog Bed

There are quite a few factors at play when choosing the correct calming dog bed for your canine best friend. From your dog’s size to sleep habits, there are several things you’ll want to take into account when picking out a calming dog bed. Here are the top considerations that will help you choose the best bed for your furbaby. 

Size – Your dog should fit comfortably and completely inside their calming dog bed. Head-to-tail, plus all four paws, your pup should fit snuggled up in the center of the bed. The idea behind donut-shaped calming beds is to create a ring around your Fido with a raised-edge that they can rest their heads on or duck down inside for total retreat. Measure your dog at a moment when you catch them already curled-up and cozy, and then choose a bed that’s big enough that they’ll fit inside without hanging over the edge. 

Age – Here’s why age matters in choosing a calming dog bed. See the size section above to confirm why you should buy a bigger bed if your canine companion is still growing. Otherwise, your doggo may outgrow their bed far faster than you’d like. Also, consider that puppies love to chew, and due to their cuddly, cozy nature, a calming dog bed could seem like a giant chew toy to a young pup. 

Shape – Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to calming dog beds, and the reason they offer your pup such a calm and cozy space is mainly due to their shape. Round, oval, and donut-style beds are the best shapes for creating a nest they can nuzzle into. It’s worth noting that larger dogs who like to stretch out a bit more may prefer oval-shaped beds, while smaller dogs who need to feel hugged and held may prefer the snugglier structure of round or donut-style beds. 

Materials – That stuff your calming dog bed is stuffed with is more important than you might think. And so is the fluff on the outside. If you live in a cold climate or have an older dog who suffers more in brisk temps, you can choose a bed with a self-warming surface to help keep them warm with their own body heat. As for what’s on the inside, look for thick, high-quality fillings that will provide more support and comfort. Some calming dog beds even feature flexible gel filling for extra comfort. 

Washability – We all know why this is important, and a quality calming dog bed will undoubtedly feature a washable cover that can either be hung to dry or even tossed in the dryer. Cleaning your pet’s bedding at regular intervals helps keep them feeling healthy and happy!

Eco-friendly – These days it’s easier than ever to be conscious of your paw-prints in the world. Choosing a calming dog bed made with eco-friendly materials is an excellent way to keep the world beautiful and comfortable for man and canine kind alike. 

Top Calming Dog Beds To Try

Now that you know what to look for in the search for a new snuggle space for your furry best friend, we’ve found a few beds that pup parents all over seem to adore. Here’s to you and your pup finding the perfect calming bed for you! 

1. Best Friends By Sheri Original Calming Donut Dog Bed – This bed lays claim to being the first of its kind, and it has inspired many imitators. If you’re looking for calming dog beds’ original pros, Best Friends By Sheri is your best bet. This bed has lots of features Fido will love, like self-warming vegan faux shag fur to imitate the comfort of snuggling up to Mama pup. The doggo-safe materials are used to form a shelf for your pup to rest their heads and offer substantial support for tired joints and bones. Plus, their shop selection now includes lots of other canine comfort solutions that you’ll want to peruse!

2. Furhaven Pet – Plush Sofa Orthopedic Dog Bed – Featuring ultra-plush faux-fur and micro-suede covering orthopedic egg crate foam that helps cushion pressure points and evenly distributes body weight. U-shaped bolsters line three edges of the bed, giving your dog a comfy place to rest their head. 

3. LUOLIIL VUO Super Soft Rectangle Pet Bed – This snuggly pet bed will work for Fido or your feline. Covered with waterproof, washable Thicken PP cotton in the bottom of the bed and tough, supportive Oxford cloth on the pillow-like raised edge, this dog bed offers calm and comfort, complete with an anti-slip base. 


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