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Dog Hair Dye – Temporary and Safe Options

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People love to express themselves and change things up here and there. Pet owners also like to change up their dog’s look, especially for Halloween and other special occasions. While human hair dye should never be used on a dog, there are safe options available for you to try. We will tell you here all about dyeing your pup’s fur and what to look out for.

Why do people dye their dog’s fur?

Most dogs don’t get their hair dyed. It is not seen too often, and you may ask why even bother? to dye your dog’s hair? It is perfectly beautiful the way it is.

Some dog owners like to color their dog’s fur as part of a costume when taking their pooch to a Halloween parade. Others just like the look of it and think it is cute and unique. 

Maybe you want to change things up and color their hair in bright fun colors for their birthday. Or possibly your child asked if you could add a touch of color to make them look more fun for their own birthday.

Some of people’s favorite ways to add color to their furry friend is to add it in specific places like their tail, paws, or on long hair on their ear. 

Adding something to their already existing coat color to achieve a costume is also fun. For example, add black on the feet of a pomeranian with red coat and you have a fox!

How can I safely dye my dog’s fur?

First of all, as you might have guesses, NEVER use human hair dye on your dog! You don’t want to harm your best friend! It is usually made out of chemicals and bleach, which can be harmful for your dog’s skin and fur.

Instead use dye that is made specifically for dogs and that have clear labeling of the ingredients. Below we will show you some favorites people can use on their doggie.


  • Start with a small patch of hair to test. Wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction before you go all in with the dye. If your dog has an allergic reaction, stop dyeing all together!
  • A little tip is to also try to focus on the lengths and tips of the hair. You might not need to bring the dye all the way to the skin depending on the look you’re going for and if your dog has longer hair.
  • Stay away from sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, and mouth to avoid irritation. Also make sure to not let them lick or ingest any of the dye even if it is non-toxic.
  • If your doggie is nervous, try to calm him with treats while dyeing. If he is too stressed, don’t continue the dyeing process as you don’t want to frighten and stress your dog. It should be a fun experience for your fluffy friend, too.
  • You could also ask a groomer if they do dyeing and spare yourself the hassle of preparation, buying dye, and clean up.

The Best Fur Dye Options For Dogs


Gel is a great form to apply dye as you can be very precise and work in the color. Either use your hand (with gloves) or you can use a paint brush to apply the gel. You can really focus on one spot without having to cover the parts you don’t want color on. If you have a stencil this might also be an option to get clearly defined shapes.

Opawz Pet Hair Dye Gel

  • Non-Toxic 
  • Choose from permanent and semi-permanent
  • Comes in many different, vibrant colors
  •  Easy application 


Chalk is also a great option to color your dog’s fur. Maybe you have seen chalk for hair coloring for humans. This works pretty much the same. You simply rub the chalk on the fur to transfer the color. It is quick and super easy to use. You can get really precise and use a variety of colors as they usually come in sets. The downside is that it may also transfer to other things like clothing or furniture if your dog rubs himself on your leg or sofa.

Opawz Hair Chalk Pens

  • Non-Toxic 
  • Set of 10 colors
  • Color stays a few days
  • Easy to draw with

Paint Spray

A spray is an easy way to cover your dog’s fur quickly. If you have a stencil, it is also super easy to get colorful shapes on your doggie’s fur. You’ll have to be more careful in protecting your doggie’s sensitive areas. Also, be sure to do it outside or have something around you to protect your surroundings from any backsplash drops that might not go onto your dog.

Pet Paint Colored Hair Spray

  • Veterinarian tested
  • Great to use with a stencil
  • Multiple colors or glitter colors

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