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NomNomNow Review

by Lea
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If you have a dog, you want them to be healthy and happy. I always thought it was fine and normal to give dogs regular dry or canned food from the store and don’t get me wrong – I don’t think there is anything wrong with that still. But after looking into it more, I realized that I wasn’t always completely sure if I gave my puppy the right amount of food and sometimes she didn’t seem to enjoy it that much, too. I found out about NomNomNow from an ad on Instagram and wanted to see what it is all about. In this NomNomNow review I will cover why we chose to use this dog food and tell you the pros and cons. 

NomNomNow is a monthly dog food subscription. They send a month’s supply of frozen food individually packaged to give your dog two packets a day. What is great about it is that they measure it for your dog’s requirements. The packets will vary if you have a 20lbs Shiba Inu or a 40lbs Golden Retriever. Also, you can state if you are trying to get your dog to gain or lose a few pounds or if they are at the healthy weight. It leaves out the guessing for yourself. It is a great option for dog food for picky eaters and our puppy is a perfect example of one that now love to eat meals in one go.



NomNomNow Review & Experience

When we received our first NomNomNow meals, they arrived in a big box and we had to make sure we had enough space in our freezer to store most of the meals. 

When you first switch your dog’s diet, you need to make sure that you slowly transition to the new food over a few days. Otherwise your pet might have an upset stomach for a bit while adjusting to the new food.

The first impression from out dog was that she loved the taste of this fresh food so much more than the wet food we used to give her. When it was feeding time, she immediately got excited and ate it all in one go. This didn’t happen with any other dog food before. Our own impression of the Nom Nom dog food as dog owners was also very pleasant as it actually looks like human food and we were able to see all the ingredients in the pet food. It actually looks like food humans could eat and it definitely doesn’t smell bad as a lot of canned food does.

nomnomnow dog food box contents

The fact that all of the meals are individually packed is great especially compared to canned wet food where you might only use half or have leftovers that need to be stowed away. It simply makes feeding your dog quick and easy. From all the dog food brands out there that we tried, from dry food, canned food, and even other fresh food brands, Nom Nom dog food has become our pet‘s favorite food ever.

We also saw that some people try to make their own homemade dog food for their pet, but to us the worry was that it will not have all the vitamins and minerals in the dog’s diet that should be there.

The fact that the meals are all really fresh food, pre-cooked and send out quickly to remain fresh, as well as that the recipes are developed by a vet nutritionist shows that the company cares to provide pet owners with a great meal plan for their dog.

How much does NomNomNow cost?

The Price very much depends on your dog. They will ask you questions (breed, age, current weight, goal weight, and allergies) to figure out what you will need for your doggy. For our 21lbs Pomsky, 4 years old and no known allergies, we got to $100/month.

This includes a whole month supply that comes in meal packs of two/day.

Do you have to cook NomNomNow?

NomNomNow meals are pre-cooked meal packs for your pet so that all you have to do is defrost and open the individual pack. If you want to make it a little warm you can do so by placing it in the microwave for a few seconds or warm it up a little in a short warm water bath.

How do you store your NomNomNow?

You store the dog food in the freezer as you will get a whole month’s worth of fresh dog food. We usually keep a few days worth in the fridge so it is not frozen when we give it to our dog. It has not made our and our dog’s life any harder but easier.

What other products does NomNomNow offer?

NomNomNow really wants to make sure that your dog’s health is good and they offer additional products to make dog owners able to find out if there is anything in the diet that might be good to add to your dog’s diet.

Microbiome Kit

Price: $59
The NomNomNow Microbiome Kit is very useful to find out about your dog’s gut bacteria and if there are specific things to consider when choosing dog food for your dog’s specific needs. Your dog might be missing certain bacteria in the gut, which could be the cause for an upset stomach. If so, you can find the needed probiotics that you can add to your pet food.

Probiotic Support

Price: $45
Nutrition is not the only important thing for your dog’s health. If you want to add gut bacteria that your dog is missing or maintain a good balance of the bacteria it is good to look into probiotics. This probiotic support was formulated by their nutritionist as well and can be added during meal time on the pet food of your choice.

Overall Verdict

I would recommend NomNomNow to pet parents that want to make sure their dog gets the right nutrition and vitamins and not worry about giving their dog the right amount of calories. The fresh pet food will also benefit anyone whose dog is a picky eater. It is pricy but also gives a lot of convenience to a dog owner with automated pet food delivery and easy to use meal packs.

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