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Farmer’s Dog Review

by Lea
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You want fresh food dog food for your doggy instead of dry or canned wet food? Farmer’s Dog is similar to NomNomNow, a monthly subscription box for fresh dog food. In our Farmer’s Dog review we will tell you all you have to know about getting home-cooked meals delivered for your dog. Most dog food delivery services including Farmer’s Dog reviews online are very positive because they offer a lot of convenience and reassurance that their pet food is good for your dog’s health.



Farmer’s Dog Review & Experience

Our dog is a pretty picky dog and didn’t enjoy the dry or canned dog food that we used in the beginning very much. We often struggled with her eating on a normal feeding schedule. She would usually eat on the dog food throughout the day but not all at once. As pet parents we were worried if she ate enough and if this diet was the best for her. We tried Farmer’s Dog delivery and were happy to see that the dog foods are coming cooked in convenient packs.

When you first switch your dog’s diet, you need to make sure that you slowly transition to the new food over a few days. 

Upon opening the box, we liked that the dog food looked like real food and not mushy like canned food. You feel like you can see all the ingredients of the food.

farmer's dog fresh food pack

How much does Farmer’s Dog cost?

The cost for Farmer’s Dog pet food is based on different factors. In a questionnaire will ask the dog owners about the dog’s breed as well as the age and activity level of the pup.

How do you store your Farmer’s Dog?

Because the dog food is freshly cooked, you should place the majority of the meals in the freezer when you get the delivery. You can keep ones for the next days in the fridge as you will use them soon and to have them not frozen when it is meal time.

Overall Verdict

If you want grain-free dog food with nutrient rich ingredients, I would recommend a fresh dog food delivery like Farmer’s Dog. It is a pet owners dream by having your dog excited about every single meal. Also, the cooked dog food is not as smelly in the fridge as canned food is, especially if you don’t use a whole can and leave part of it in the fridge. However, there are other subscription services for fresh pet food and our number one favorite is NomNomNow because they seem to care even more about the dog’s health and making sure your doggy has everything in their diet that it needs by offering additional products like a Gut Microbiome Kit to test your dog’s gut bacteria.

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