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Options For The Best Dog Food Delivery Service

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Why Use A Dog Food Delivery Service

Dog owners know that feeding your canine pal whatever you come across on the dry dog food aisle is not the best way to bolster the companionship between you and man’s best friend. Nutrition for your pup is just as important as nutrition for your own body, but dogs’ needs are very different from humans’. 

For example, there are certain foods that dogs just shouldn’t eat. Take grapes, for instance. Did you know that dogs can suffer from kidney failure if they consume too many? Here’s a list of other people foods the ASPCA says you shouldn’t let your pup eat. Thankfully, there are dog-nutrition experts out there committed to helping you get it right with fresh, natural ingredients that your dog will devour with delight. 

How To Choose The Right Dog Food Delivery Service 

What can you do to ensure your pup is getting only premium nutrition intentionally designed for their digestive systems and canine requirements? A dog food delivery service can be an excellent option.

Every service is a little bit different, and it’s worth doing your research before you decide. You can expect the service to ask for information about you and your furry friend and then customize your meal plan based on your doggo’s unique needs.

Here to help, Doggy Advice has gathered up the info on 4 different doggie dine-in delivery companies to help you choose which dog food delivery service will be top-dog for you and your pup. 

Our Picks For The Best Dog Food Delivery Service

1. NomNomNow

NomNomNow is all about supplying your doggo with simple, human-quality food in enticing comfort-food combos that might even make your own mouth water. 

Here’s a look at their Beef Mash mix. With ground beef, potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas, (and fish oil), you’ve essentially got the ingredients for a shepherd’s pie. Crustless, of course, since doggie doesn’t need the added flour, sugar, salt, and fat of that flaky crust in the human version. 

Their other dog dining options are Chicken Chow, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare, all of which feature equally yum-inspiring ingredient pairings. They even offer a variety pack that you can try to see which your pup prefers when you’re just getting started with the service. 

Pricing & Promotions

NomNomNow is currently displaying a promotion of 20% off first order, but prices aren’t listed. You need to complete a registration process with info about you and your pup, and then the company details their customized plan for you. 

2. Farmer’s Dog

Founded by a fellow who was looking to heal the digestive issues of his own furbaby, Farmer’s Dog offers what they call “smarter, healthier pet food.” Their process has been refined over time as they’ve grown as a company. They currently cook-up preservative-free, pre-portioned, customized meals for your pup that will show up on your doorstep on the delivery schedule you choose. 

Farmer’s Dog says they understand that cooking your own pet food at home may seem enticing when you realize what goes into fresh dog food, but they caution, from experience, that you may end up with a product lacking essential nutrients.

That’s where their dog-food delivery service comes in. Each meal is guaranteed to feed your pup’s muzzle with all the necessary nutrients. They even list their crude protein, fiber, fat, and moisture contents right on each recipe, so you know what doggo is getting. 

Pricing & Promotions

20% off of your trial is advertised on the site, but again, specific pricing is not available until you go through the getting-to-know-you process. However, the FAQs page does say that their canine cuisine delivery packages start at $2 per day, to give you a baseline idea.  

3. My Ollie

Dishing up veterinarian-designed dining options for your doggie is the house specialty at My Ollie. They offer four dog-gourmet options, each with its own unique and tasty chef-vet’s signature touch. 

The beef dish contains organs for powerhouse nutrition and rosemary for its antimicrobial properties. Choosing chicken? This dish serves up an updated version of a casual classic for canines. The ingredients are basically chicken pot pie with a nutritional twist in the form of spinach and blueberries. Turkey and lamb are also on the table, with the lamb recipe boasting that it’s suitable for pups with allergies. 

Your doggie delights will be delivered on the schedule you choose, and you’ll dole out the appropriate portion. The food comes frozen, and you’ll thaw it out and serve it up based on My Ollie’s portion calculations. You’ll be able to keep food fresh in what the company calls the “Pup-tainer” and cover it with their “Ollie lid.”

Pricing & Promotions

You’ll also get 20% off your first subscription box with these dine-in deliverables, and again, the price is dependent upon the package that’s right for your pup. 

4. Pet Plate 

Pet Plate is serving organic fare for your canine friend that’s cooked up following the same quality and preparation standards that the USDA requires for human food. 

Their “Tail-waggin’ Turkey” is a fall feast, to be sure. With turkey liver and turkey, brown rice, carrots, and pumpkin among the ingredients, your pup will be feeling grateful at feeding time. They also feature beef, chicken, and lamb options. Plus, Pet Plate has a perk the other services don’t. 

It’s the only dog-food delivery service on our list that offers treats in addition to meals. High-protein, organic chicken apple sausage bites can be added to your personalized plan starting at $8.95. 

Pricing & Promotions

Another unique feature of Pet Plate is that they offer two distinct plans for you and your pet to choose from. They have a Full-Meal plan, starting at $2.85 a day, or a Topper plan, at 25% of the full-meal option, for $1.11 a day. At the time of publication, the company was offering 40% off of new plans.

5. Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango offers delectable doggie dining in the same style as the others on the list, with fresh food recipes containing human-grade ingredients that are GMO and hormone-free. Their fresh recipes menu boasts turkey, beef, and lamb dishes cooked in small batches. They’re certainly on par with the competition in this department, but they’ve also got a bonus option. 

With a renovated take on dry dog food dishes, they invite you to “unkibble” your pet’s diet with their trademarked Fresh Dry foods. The Unkibble line includes duck and salmon, beef and barley, and chicken and brown rice. If you find you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks and your pet doesn’t adjust well to fresh feeding, this might be the magical middle ground where everyone wins, since pup gets foods you feel good about in a form they find palatable.

Pricing & Promotions

The different dine-in options also have distinct pricing plans. Unkibble recipes start at $7 per week, and Fresh recipes begin at $15 per week. Of course, Spot & Tango will still ask for the details on you and your doggo to calculate your individual costs for your plan and delivery schedule. 

6. Grocery Pup

Promising a service that’s “a pup above,” Grocery Pup prepares canine cuisine that’s human-grade and prepared in a USDA approved kitchen facility. 

Dishes with fancifully fetching names like Turkey Pawella and Chicka-Chicka Bow-Wow are sous-vide rather than cooked over high heat. The company claims that this preparation process is superior because the food retains a richer vitamin and nutrient profile, as well as higher protein. The proof is in the puppy-chow too. Compared to other brands that show up on our list, Pet Plate, Farmer’s Dog, and Nomnomnow all feature fresh dog foods that range from 6 to slightly over 7 grams of protein, while Grocery Pup packs a powerhouse 11.48 grams of protein per serving for your pup. 

There’s even a variety pack available so you and your pup can peruse the options before you pick and choose what works best for you as a regular recipe delivery. Plus, Grocery Pup has a bonus pet parent feature in the form of their informative blog, “The Institute of Barkology.”

Pricing & Promotions

If you don’t dig the detailed doggie background interviews, Grocery Pup might be for you. Their food can be found in stores using the website’s store locator link or ordered directly from their site and delivered to your door. They also have a happiness guarantee for first-time orders, which will get you your money back if their food isn’t the right fit for your furry friend. They have a handy feeding amount calculator that helps you gauge how much food to order for your furry friend and what the cost per day amounts to. 

The default setting on the calculator shows a full meal plan cost of $3.37 a day for a small, 5-pound pup who needs three 3 pound bags of food every 4 weeks. You can also select the 50/50 plan if you’ll be mixing with kibble, for $1.69 per day for the same three bags of food every 8 weeks. 

7. Crafted Kibble 

Crafted Kibble puts a personal touch in every pouch of your pup’s food. Not just a tagline, the food you’ll receive through this subscription service really is “crafted for your pet, [and] delivered to your door.” 

Customers love to photograph their unboxing and show off the cute personalized pet menu that includes specific food nutrition info about your dog’s blend, including crude fat, protein, and fiber, as well as the correct pouch portion to feed Fido. Because it’s so highly personalized, the company boasts that their food can help furry friends who suffer from allergies or skin conditions. 

A fun bonus, reports of fun surprises slipped into the subscription boxes abound. For example, pets might get perks like a tennis ball or bandana alongside the handwritten notes that come with the delivery. 

Pricing & Promotion

According to their Facebook page, Crafted Kibble is offering 50% off of new subscriptions (though the website is currently down at the time of publication). You’ll provide the details about your furry friend, and they’ll package and deliver precisely the subscription that you need. 

8. Chewy

An Amazon-esque wonderland of all things furtastic, Chewy will have your doggo dining in whatever style suits you. They deliver it all, literally. You can order food, products, medications, supplies, and even toys and treats for your faithful Fido or feline.

The site features over 1000 brands with reviews and feedback from real pet-people, so you can choose from top-rated brands or find your own well-loved favorites. They also have top picks by pet experts that showcase all the latest and greatest pet pampering items you won’t want to miss. Plus, 24/7 access to a helpline for any of your pet product questions.  

Sweetly, there’s also a whole section for folks who are just finding their furry best friends. If you’ve got a brand new pet, they have super informative sections about how to care for your precious puppy or kitty. With everything from info on how to administer medications, transitioning from wet to dry food, implementing a raw diet, and managing your pet’s weight, they’ve got all the tools and expertise to help you start out your journey with your new pet companion on the right paw. 

Pricing & Promotions

With such a wide selection of pet products available, what you spend with Chewy is entirely up to you. They have daily deals with promotions like buy one, get one on your first purchase or offers like $15 e-gift cards or 20% off with a $50 purchase. These promotions vary by brand and item. Sitewide, there is a 40% auto-ship discount, plus an extra 5% off all purchases when you establish a recurring order through the company.



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