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Best Dog DNA Tests

by ashley
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Human DNA ancestry tests are all the rage these days as folks try to figure out who they are and where their families came from. Did you know you can investigate the same for your faithful Fido? More and more people are using dog DNA tests to find out what breeds are mixed-up to create their unique pup or to shed light on hereditary conditions or health concerns that a particular breed of pooch may be prone to. 

Many times, the question is simply one of curiosity. If you want to get to know your pet on a more personal level, better understand their behaviors and inclinations, and safeguard against potential health problems, a doggie DNA test can be a useful and fascinating tool. 

How To Test Dog DNA

If you’re ready to reveal your canine’s family tree from roots to branches, performing a dog DNA test is a reasonably straightforward procedure. You’ll order a kit from the internet, swab the inside of your doggo’s cheek, place the swab in a container provided by the company, return it for testing, and await your results! 

The results will likely take a few weeks, but when they’re returned to you, you’ll be able to see percentages of which breeds make up your dog’s DNA and hereditary disease risks that their bloodline may carry. 

Not all doggie DNA tests are created equal, however. Some are far more thorough than others, and some are best suited to understanding breed, while others are focused on health concerns. DoggyAdvice has compiled an in-depth look at the range of available tests, plus a list of pros and cons for each. Ready to fetch the results? Go get it, Rover!

Best Dog DNA Tests


If it’s good enough for the Westminster Kennel Club, you can trust it will be perfect for your pooch, too. Embark is the official test of the WKC because it’s one of the most comprehensive and detailed dog DNA tests currently on the market. 

The company boasts the ability to identify breeds that make up as little as 5% of your doggo’s DNA, giving you a genuinely detailed profile of who your pup really is. The test, developed by vets working with Cornell University, scans for over 350 breeds and will fill in the branches of your canine companion’s family tree, from both sides, all the way back to great grandparents. 

There are two ways to Embark on your journey. You can purchase the Breed ID test or the Breed + Health Test. Both offer scanning for breeds, family tree history, the opportunity to participate in research surveys with your results, and the company’s unique Relative Finder, which can help put you in touch with your pet pal’s nearest family members. The Breed ID test stops there, but the Breed + Health Test digs even deeper. 

Adding in the Health Test option means you also receive a physical traits report. Embark says it can help you “decode your dog’s appearance” by looking at the genetic traits that determine details down to your dog’s coat color and markings, as well as eye color, muzzle length, and body size. Additionally, this version of the test screens for over 190 genetic health risks and will let you know your dog’s inbreeding score, which can be helpful to know since more inbreeding generally equals more genetic risk for inherited conditions. 

Why We’re Barking About Embark

  • Double the genetic information provided by other tests
  • Comprehensive screening for over 350 breeds 
  • Available screening for 190+ genetic health risks
  • Relative Finder helps create canine connections 
  • Test results turnaround time of 3-5 weeks
  • Free replacement swab if your first try doesn’t survive contact with your canine’s chompers 

What’s Got us Growling 

  • Higher price tag than other test kits – $129 for the Breed ID and $199 for the Breed + Health Screening

Wisdom Panel 

“Swab, Send, Smile” is the Wisdom Panel way to DNA test your doggo. Currently, you can choose between two test varieties, the Essential or the Premium kit. There are older versions of the company’s tests available from third-party vendors as well, but these are not as broad or thorough as the two sold directly from the company. 

Both the Essential and Premium tests will provide you with results reaching back to great grandparents for over 350 breeds, more than 25 genetic conditions, and 35+ traits, including your pet’s ideal weight range. Each also offers more than 25 tests for medical complications, including potential medication sensitivity, immune deficiency, and bleeding disorders.

Premium earns its upgrade with some excellent extras. It features over 180 tests to tell you if your pup has a genetic predisposition to hereditary disease. It also includes a carrier screening that will alert you if doggo might pass on any potential problems to their own puppies down the line. Plus, you get a call with a veterinarian in the event your pup does test positive for any of these issues. 

Why We’re Barking About Wisdom Panel

  • Extensive testing for 350+ breeds
  • Screening for over 200 genetic conditions
  • Test results turnaround time of 2-3 weeks
  • Two swabs are included with a free replacement available 
  • Fetching price tags of $99.99 for the Essential test and $159.99 for the Premium version

What’s Got Us Growling

  • You get what you pay for, meaning that although the company has lower costs than Embark, you’re only getting half the genetic story on your doggo in comparison
  • No ability to find your pup’s relatives through Wisdom Panel


If options are what you’re after, Orivet could be for you. The company offers testing for both Fidos and felines. We’re focused on canine companions here, so we’ll be looking only at the tests for dog DNA. For pups, there are three test kit varieties. 

The Breed Test & Life Plan kit costs $99.95 and is made for those who primarily want to demystify their doggos origins. This option will provide you with breed percentages and reveal three generations of your pet’s family tree. The Life Plan, a trademarked Orivet exclusive which is included in all of their test varieties, gives you guidance on how to care for your pet’s health throughout their life. 

The Dog DNA Health Screen & Life Plan has a price tag of $159.95. With this test, your pooch will be screened not for breed makeup but for over 200 genetic diseases and traits, and, like the Breed Test, it does include the Life Plan. The company specifies that this test is best for those who already know their dog’s breed and are looking for a deeper understanding of doggo’s health conditions. 

Finally, the company offers what they call the “most complete DNA test in the world,” Genopet 5.0. Essentially, this kit combines the functions of both the Breed Test kit and the DNA Health Screen option, and, same as the others, it comes complete with Orivet’s Life Plan. It costs only slightly more than the DNA Health Screen at $169.95 and is your best bet with the company if you’re looking for comprehensive coverage in your dog DNA testing. 

Why We’re Barking About Orivet

  • Complete screening for over 350 breeds 
  • Testing for more than 200 genetic health risks
  • Test results turnaround time of 3 weeks max
  • 3 options available to suit your specific testing needs 
  • Access to Life Plan and your pet’s personalized online health dashboard

What’s Got Us Growling 

  • Costs can add up if you undertake the tests separately

Additional Dog DNA Tests On The Market

Embark, Wisdom Panel, and Orivet score our top 3 because they’re the most extensive and thorough tests available. That said, they certainly aren’t the only companies offering DNA services, and their costs can be something to chew on. Here are a few other popular options, along with the details on why you might decide to run this route with your pooch. 

DNA My Dog

With a plethora of pup testing options, DNA My Dog offers some specific clues to your canine’s history. Here’s a look at their standard DNA My Dog Breed Identity Kit as well as some of their particulars.

The DNA My Dog Breed Identity Kit gives you a percentage breakdown of breeds, a look at personality traits, and an evaluation of potential health concerns. It’s got a much more enticing price tag than the big three at only $68.99. However, their database has only 97 breeds, and they only look at 100 potential genetic conditions.

The Wolf Hybrid Test and Domestic Breed Determination Test costs $89.99. It includes everything you’ll receive in the standard DNA My Dog Breed Identity Kit, plus the added hybrid testing that will show what percentage of your doggo’s lineage comes from their wild cousins. 

The DNA My Dog Canine Genetic Age Test reveals your pup’s genetic rather than chronological age and rings up at $99.99. The company offers a clear explanation of the process and what it means. We’re paraphrasing here, and there are some technical terms, but essentially, the test measures telomere length. Then, they run that data through their Canine Genetic Age Database, comparing it to a multitude of pooches within your pup’s breed, weight, and size group to match their telomere length and calculate their verified genetic age. 

The Deceased Dog DNA test is $167 and allows you to send in anything your canine loved to chomp on or play with that can still retain traces of saliva, as well as samples of teeth and/or bone as potential sources of DNA testing. 

Additionally, they have the Test My Pet Canine Allergy kit at $99.99, which shows your doggo’s sensitivities to over 100 common allergens. 

Why We’re Barking About DNA My Dog 

  • Lowest cost in comparison with the other tests on our list
  • $5 off each test when you order multiple kits 
  • Test results turnaround time of 2 weeks
  • Two swabs are included with a free replacement available 
  • Phone and email customer service 

What’s Got Us Growling

  • Far fewer breeds in their database, 97 compared to over 350
  • Only 100 genetic conditions considered in their health testing
  • Consumer complaints about testing accuracy and longer-than-listed results turnaround

Easy DNA

This company provides canine, feline, horse, avian, and human DNA testing, so they’re a fantastic option for testing if you and your pooch (or any of your other pets!) want to partner up in the search for your ancestry. 

You should know, Easy DNA actually uses the breed identification test from DNA My Dog, as seen above, although they upcharge you for being the middleman, so this test will run you $79 from their website. 

They have a Premium Dog Testing Package with a price tag of $195 that includes breed identification, allergy testing, and genetic age like the kits DNA My Dog offers above. Although the Breed Id kit is definitely from DNA My Dog, it’s not clear from their website whether that’s the case for all three tests. 

There’s a test for inherited diseases as well, though costs can quickly add up here as the initial test will run you $75, and each additional condition you want to check is an extra $35. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to confirm pedigree and can provide samples from your doggo’s mom and dad, they offer the Dog Parentage Test at $198. Easy DNA boasts that this test allows you to verify your pet’s pedigree with 99.99 percent accuracy and has a quick turnaround time of only 10 days. If you don’t have access to the mother, there’s also an option for testing this way, though it will cost you a whopping $306 if you go this route. 

Why We’re Barking About Easy DNA

  • Extensive options for testing no matter what info you’re seeking
  • Test results turnaround time of 2-3 weeks
  • Available live chat with a DNA consultant as well as phone and email customer service

What’s Got Us Growling

  • Far fewer breeds in their database – 97 compared to over 350
  • Climbing costs if you choose their inherited diseases kit

Which Dog DNA Test Is Right For You

As you can see, getting to know your canine companion at the cellular level is an exciting journey that’s not short on options. The answer to this question then is really just as unique as your pup’s roots. You may be more curious about breed, care more about inherited diseases, or need proof of pedigree. Whichever results you’re sniffing out, the companies showcased on this list will deliver. 


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