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Best Gifts For Dog Lovers For Any Occasion

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Chuckit! Ball Launcher

A ball launcher is a perfect gift for a dog to get active and play with the owner. It is great for playtime and bonding time to have fun together. Getting a set of balls and a thrower is awesome also for playing outdoor so you don’t have to pick up a muddy, dirty or wet ball with your hands or gloves.

Greenies Dog Treats 

Any dog will be extremely happy to have bones to chew on. Greenies are also great for dog’s teeth. They offer a variety of flavors and packs. Think of it as a nice healthy treat that can be given every day.

Treat Mat For Dogs

This mat is a great way to distract dogs if they don’t like bath time or getting brushed. It can stick to the tiles in the bathroom and you can put peanut butter all over it. Doggies will need to spend some time licking it off the mat. 

PetSafe Treat Dispensing Toy

treat dispensing toy is especially fun for dogs and can easily keep them occupied and happy for a while by themselves. You can fill the toy with kibble or small treats and you can even change how hard it is for the dog to get treats out of it. 


barkbox gift

BarkBox is a subscription box that is great if you can’t decide between different toys and treats to gift to a dog lover in your life. You can get a monthly box that doesn’t have to be renewed for $29. In it will be two treat bags, a chew and two stuffed toys.

Lionweli Ceramic Bowls

This is a more stylish set of bowls compared to many bowls pet owners have. It comes in many different colors. The bowls are dish washer safe and easy to clean. In the wooden stand they stay in place.

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle

This is perfect for everyone on your list who loves to go on hikes or bike rides with their four-legged friend. It’s important to keep the pups hydrated while they’re out for a longer time. The top is foldable so you can have a bowl for the little one to drink from and to make it pocket friendly.

K9 Sport Sack

Amazing for people that want to take their pup everywhere. Available in three sizes and multiple colors, there is one for everyone. Again, this is great for pet owners that are active and like to take their doggie on a bike ride or a long hike. Dogs will get tired or just might not be able to walk so fast and far.

Embark Dog DNA & Health Test

Perfect for dog parents that have always wondered what kind of mix their adopted pup is. Part Husky? Part Pug? With the Embark dog DNA test you will be able to find out what breeds their dog is mixed with as well as any health concerns they should look out for.

PetChatz Interactive Dog Camera

dog camera gift for dog lovers

Some dogs but even their owners have separation anxiety or are just not that comfortable to leave their pup home alone. With PetChatz interactive dog camera pet parents can keep an eye on their doggie from anywhere and even give them treats throughout the day. Give them treats manually, via the app, through PawCall, or from Alexa. This camera also offers sound and motion detection.

Wild One Matching Collar & Leash

wild one matching set gift

For the stylish dog mom, a matching  dog collar and leash can be a great gift. At Wild One you they offer multiple sets and colors with a very classy design. You can even add a matching poop bag holder to finish off the perfect bundle.

Jingllr Dog Tag

Know someone whose dog likes to run off sometimes? With a dog tag you can add the pet parents contact info so if worst case scenario the dog gets lost, they can be contacted and reunited with their furry friend. It can ease worried dog parents’ mind.

Best Friends by Sheri Dog Bed

This cozy, fluffy bed is great for pet parents as they can machine wash and dry it. The filling is non toxic and simply gives dog’s a soft but sturdy place to sleep. It also looks great in any home and comes in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

Little Dove Pet Teepee

A cute bed option that would be loved by pet parents to fit her interior design. It comes with the sticks and the cover. Made out of cotton, you can machine wash the teepee. Just make sure it is big enough for the doggie it is for.

Furbaby Fluffy Blanket

When you have a light colored sofa it is nice to have a throw on top for the furry friends. It’s also great to keep them comfortable if they want to sleep or play on the ground. This blanket is machine washable and comes in different sizes and colors depending on your needs. It keeps dogs warm, cozy and happy.

Pearhead Paw Print Kit

We make so many memories with our dogs. It is nice for dog owners to not only keep them as photographs but also keep a paw print of our friend forever. This kit comes with everything you need. The clay doesn’t need to be mixed or baked and will dry in 1-2 days. 

Custom Pet Portrait Illustration

With a cute pet portrait you can have a reminder of your puppy anywhere. It is super easy by just uploading a picture. You can choose from different backgrounds and if you want to have multiple dogs in the illustration, that’s an option, too.

Custom Family With Dog Portrait

One of the best personalized gifts to give to pet owners might be this portrait of their little family. This can be a sentimental gift that will be loved and cherished forever.

Custom Dog Bone Ornament

Especially great as a Christmas present for people with dogs. Simple but cute ornament for a tree or other decoration. They can hang it up year after year.

We hope you were able to get great gift ideas from our list for your pet loving human and their favorite dog. Happy gifting!

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