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Cost Of Wireless Invisible Fence For Your Dog

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We know exercise is good for dogs and running freely in your backyard or front lawn is an easy and safe way to give your dog that exercise. Now, you are also usually worried about your pet‘s safety and that it will stick to the perimeter of your property. There are different kinds of fence products to help you keep your dogs in the designated area. A regular chain link or wooden fence can get very expensive and depending on your preference, they might not be your preferred aesthetic. More and more people are opting for invisible fencing, which is an in-ground fence that sends a signal to a transmitter to give your pet a small shock on the collar to keep him in the perimeter.

Yes, you can use the Invisible Fence to give a perimeter to any pet.

The Cost of Invisible Fence

A invisible underground dog fence will cost on average less than the usual dog fence systems. The actual cost will largely depend on the size of the area you want to contain your pet in but also on other additional factors many people don’t think of when they first hear about an invisible electric fence.

Additional Costs of Invisible Fence Systems

Collar Receiver:

Another factor will be if you have multiple pets that you want to keep restricted to the designated area. Then you will need multiple collars and make sure that the underground fence system works with multiple collars.


As dog owners you need to also make sure to train your dog properly. Companies will often offer training your dog for an additional charge. The static correction the dogs will receive might not always be high enough when you first try it and will need adjustment. It can be hard to train your dog if your dog is very stubborn.


Unless you want to install the in-ground dog fence yourself, you will have to pay an installation fee to have the company come to your home to help you set everything up. This might be beneficial to really make sure that each transmitter is working properly and signal is send, as well as that the wiring is all set up perfectly.


You need to check on the batteries in the collar to make sure that the collar is working. If you forget to change the batteries and they run out, no signal can be send and the fence system won’t work.


The cost of invisible fence can be the same cost or actually higher if you plan to get all the extra services for installing and training. Fencing in a very large area however, could be more affordable, especially considering the material cost.
While with an underground option you also run into the possibility that your dog might dig deep enough to mess up the wiring. The fence can’t be too far underground because it still has to reach the receiver so that the collar sends a small shock to the dog. You will have to weigh the pros and cons yourself but you can always schedule a consultation appointment with the brand to see exact options and get a rate based on your needs.

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